You are a hero of your journey.
And you need energy for your feats.
low energy
can`t reach my goals

Energy Manager.
Meet your
Science decoded energy - now we put it at your service.
Tiny mitochondria produce energy depending on your daily habits
This is how we make it for your journey:
Match to your Energy Manager.
Get through the Enma Digital Assesment.
Stick to your personalized plan with your Energy Manager.
Set up your
personal goals.
We will do it together with your Energy Manager.
100% of our team are certified health coaches and graduates from Precision Nutrition or Integrative Nutrition
We built a profound methodology and AI to support you along the way
You get the best match based on our algorithm
We have helped people like you.
A few words from our heroes:
Start your hero journey with us.
39$ per week.
You start with 30 min 1-1 session. Then you have it on a weekly basis with your energy manager.
Your energy manager is happy to chat and support you. Daily.
New habits
The tracker will help you to stick to the new habits and monitor progress.
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